HYPER GOGO Challenger 12 Plus

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Crafted for Endless Fun
Unique Chopper Vintage Style
Build with Safety in Mind
Excellent Choice for Kids
One-Hour Seamless Riding Pleasure
Available in: EU
Color: Blue

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Challenger 12 Plus

Fun-Packed Kids' Motorcycle

Vintage Design

Cool Lights

Safety System

Bluetooth Tunes

Fog Effects

High Performance

Unique Chopper Style

Emulate a realistic appearance, offering your kid a cool and confident look that sparks imagination and admiration.

Experience the Thrill of Fog Effects

A simulated fog removal feature immerses kids in a realistic riding atmosphere! It makes the riding experience even richer and allows kids to enjoy riding.

Lights, Action, and Engine Roar

Real engine sounds meet dazzling color-changing lights. Immerse your child in a whole new world of riding adventure, stirring their imagination and boosting their fun.

Ride to the Rhythm of Bluetooth Tunes

The built-in bluetooth speaker immerses kids in the magic of music! Whether indoors or outdoors, kids can enjoy quality music as they wish, adding more fun to the ride.

DIY Creates Fun

Foster your kid's creativity and hands-on skills, allowing them to enjoy the art of creating a unique ride.

Efficient Motor

160W Hub Motor

Large Capacity

12km Max Range
5.2Ah Li-ion Battery

Speed Display

Tri-Speed: 8km/h, 12km/h, 16km/h

Top-Notch Safety

Premium Materials

Anti-Slip Robust Tires

Rock-Solid Build

Training Wheels Adaptability

Choose HYPER GOGO, Choose Fun Riding

Product Specification

Please note that the top range is achieved with a load of 60 kg, riding at 16 km/h on flat roads without strong winds at 26°C.

  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Battery: Li-ion 21.9V 5.2A
  • DC Charger: DC 24V 1.5A
  • Motor: 24V 160W
  • Torque: 11N.m
  • Waterpoof Rating: IP6
  • Max Uphill : 10°
  • Max Load: 65kg
  • Max Speed: 16km/h
  • Max Range: 12km
  • Speed Mode: 3 Levels (8km/h, 12km/h, and 16km/h)
  • Brake: Rear Hub
  • Tire: Pneumatic Rubber Tires
  • Tire Size: 12 x 3"
  • Tire Pressure: 45-50PSI
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